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This is the opinion of experts on the decline of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp

This is the opinion of experts on the decline of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp

Much Facebook Like your sites Instagram And Share They stopped working on Monday in many parts of the world. Internal systems used by Facebook’s staff also crashed.

Doug Madori, Said the director of internal analysis at Kentik Inc. Domain Name System (DNS) It is not available how to load Facebook properties in browsers.

DNS channels, Madori added, seem to be retired. DNS is an integral part of accessing Internet traffic. DNS translates an address such as “facebook.com” to an IP address such as If Facebook’s DNS records disappear, no one can find them.

The company knew that “some people have trouble accessing the Facebook processor” Works on restoring access. Regarding internal failures, Instagram director Adam Moseri tweeted that it feels like “a day without classes due to bad weather”.

The company did not provide a reason for the crashIt started at about 11:45 ET (1645 GMT). It is normal for a website or application to be affected by service interruptions, although it is rare worldwide. Users in California, New York and Europe reported not having access to Facebook.

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Facebook is in crisis From the informant Francis HoganThe former Facebook product manager, who provided internal documentation to the Wall Street Journal, said the company was aware of the detrimental effects of its products and results. Hogan publicly identified himself on the television show “60 Minutes.” Sunday night.

Hojan anonymously complained to federal officials about Facebook’s internal investigations into how its content magnifies hate and misinformation, increases polarization, and affects Instagram, in particular, adolescent mental health.

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Journal reports, called “The Facebook Files,” show that a company focuses on the development of the public good and its own interests. Facebook sought to downplay the investigation. Nick Clegg, vice president of global affairs and communications, wrote in a note to Facebook employees on Friday, “Social media has had a huge impact on our community in recent years, and Facebook is often the subject of much debate.”