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This is the correct technique

This is the correct technique

push up It is one of the most basic exercises in any routine. also called push ups They are essential for strengthening the chest area, but they are also useful for other muscle groups.

As stated in an article in the magazine specialized in health and exercise men’s healthI know Come take advantage The pectoralis major, pectoralis minor, deltoid minor, anterior deltoid, anterior and subclavian denticle, and triceps brachii.

But not everyone does push-ups well. To do it correctly, it is necessary to keep the weight focused on the hands, Lower until your chest touches the ground Or until you feel the chest stretch, the elbows should be fairly close to the body depending on the affected area, the forearms should be vertical and the neck in a neutral position.

In addition, it is necessary to perform a previous scapular retraction (gathering the scapula together) before starting the exercise and it is necessary Abdominal and gluteal activationand continue to activate this at all times.

In addition, the hands should be at shoulder height and facing forward and back bend You must be in a neutral position and maintain this position at all times.

according to men’s healthAnd the Most common errors When doing push-ups, they excessively separate the arms, arching the back leaving the lower glutes and not doing the full range of motion.

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