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This is the asteroid that will fly over Earth in a few days

This is the asteroid that will fly over Earth in a few days

4660 Nereus observations taken by the Arecibo telescope in 2002

It is estimated that the event will take place on December 11th. On that day, who was named after 4660 Nereus, will be “close” to the ground. An asteroid with a diameter of 330 meters, in other words, its shape will be slightly smaller than the height of the Empire State Building.

And now Bad News For those who would like to see the world burn: approaching this asteroid would not be dangerous at all. 4,660 Nereus will pass a safe distance of 3.93 million km, just over 10 times the distance between Earth and the Moon.

In the same way, because of its size and distance from Earth, 4,660 Nereus is classified as an object possibly Dangerous >> adjective. This classification includes any asteroid that passes within 7.48 million kilometers of Earth’s orbit and has a diameter of more than 140 meters. In fact, there are many rocks that fall into that category.

Whatever the case, researchers must ensure that they are not drifting from their known orbits to a more dangerous Earth path and monitor asteroid groups to be aware of what is moving through near-Earth space.

More data. The asteroid’s orbit, which orbits the Sun 1.82 years, brings it closer to us approximately every 10 years or so, although spatially speaking, “close” is still “safe.” By the way, 4,660 Nereus was first discovered in 1982.

Experts say so Next week’s approach will be the closest in decades. To give us an idea, next visit It will be on February 14, 2060, when it will fly at a distance of about 1.2 million kilometers (more than three times the distance between the Earth and the Moon).

For all this, there is clearly no need to fear disaster movie theatre. TheThe possibility of an asteroid hitting your head in the short term follow on Being Too far.[[[[ScienceAlert]

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