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This is how they celebrated their first birthday without Charro de Huentitán (PHOTOS)

This is how they celebrated their first birthday without Charro de Huentitán (PHOTOS)

Many homes this Christmas had an empty chair reminiscent of the absence of a loved one. This is the case of a family Vicente Fernandez Who celebrated his first birthday without him “Charro de Huentitán”, on a farm The three foals.

According to what the Fernandez dynasty shared on social networks, the family got together as they do annually to celebrate Christmas together.

Alejandro Fernandez, “El Potrillo,” shared a sweet postcard, with a sad face, riding with his little granddaughter Kaytana.

“Magic, people are the ones to get you out of the mess, happy birthday,” El Potrillo posted.

in addition to , Alejandro He posted some stories on Instagram, where his daughter, America and Camila Fernandez, and his baby Kaytana are featured in a video, while the song “Feliz Navidad” is heard in the background.

for this part, Vicente Fernandez Jr., his son Ramon and his wife in Rebekah Mrs. Kokita, widow of Don Vicente, in the place where the singer’s remains lie.

While, Alex Fernandez He loaded a thin postcard in the company of his wife and their pet, where you can see them smiling happily.

The Fernandez Hernandez family wishes you a very Merry Christmas. “We love you so much, hug,” Vicente Fernandez’s grandson wrote.

It must be remembered that the idol of Mexico died on December 12 at 6:15 am, after spending nearly four months in Hospital Country 2000 in Guadalajara, Jalisco.

According to relatives Vicente Fernandez He suffered from a form of pneumonia, complications of which in the lungs cost him his life.

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