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El reclamo se realizó esta mañana en Cipolletti

They’re almost doctors, but they can’t do training, like last year

As happened last year, a group of medical students from the Faculty of Medical Sciences in Cipoliti made a clear claim that there were no places to take practical materials. They demonstrated this morning with posters on the doors of the academic building.

They are demanding a response from the authorities. There are about 35 students who cannot attend the practical classes of the three said practical subjects between the fifth and sixth year of the medical profession at Kumahoe National University.

As the students said it There was arbitrariness in determining who could carry out the practices And that only last week they allowed the entire syllabus to follow almost theoretical chapters. “At first we couldn’t even participateicipar of virtual classes”, they pointed out.

Specifically in the subject of medicine and surgery, 35 students cannot take classes approximately 20 days before the start of the second semester course. “We demand a solution to what will happen to our practices in this regard,” they said.

“We in the chair are approximately 80 students, of whom 35 were denied the face-to-face course In a completely arbitrary way because we are all in circumstances where we can take the subject. They added, “To this day, after several meetings with the college authorities, we still get the answer that we must wait.”

Following today’s announcement, a meeting with the academic authorities was scheduled for tomorrow. Students expect a quick solution because they do not want to postpone the decision because it “significantly” affects the study period.

Last year it was the pandemic that created a major bottleneck for students to advance in some practice. By the end of the year it had become normal. The situation was repeated this year with fewer students, but due to the loss of spaces, access to professional practices is still restricted

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“We understand that it is a problem that we participants today have to face head-on, but the truth is that if a course is rejected or delayed next year, the same will happen when more students apply to said course,” explained Young.