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They will celebrate physicists in a fun way

They will celebrate physicists in a fun way

Carla Padilla / El Vega
[email protected] | Ensenada, British Columbia

With workshops, scholarly publication talks, music presentations, and some stand-up comedy, the Flying Circus for Science and the Arts will be held to celebrate Physicist’s Day on Saturday from 12:00 p.m.

The idea is to celebrate physicists in their day in a fun way, taking advantage of the coincidence that they share a day with Clown Day, in December, explained Adriana Esmeralda Valadez Martinez, a member of the UNU Cultural Affairs Committee. 10..

The intent, he said, is to do scientific publishing in a fun way and to give some humor to the work that physicists do, because although it’s a day for the scientific community, the best they can do is spread their knowledge to the public.

He commented during the workshops that there would be different types such as chemicals, acids and bases related to everyday life; Others will talk about the importance of nanotechnology and some physical experiments, such as electromagnetic waves or those consisting of pendulums.

He also indicated that there will be scientific publication talks, which will include the famous stand-up comedy and some presentations that harmoniously combine the sounds of nature and explain the scientific aspect, although not exclusively music.

Happened face to face
Valades Martínez commented that the event will be held in person from 12:00 to 17:00 in the facilities of the Caracol Science Museum, where the public can participate in these activities and meet, interact and learn with scientists.

However, some activities will also be shared through the social networks of the Caracol Museo de Cienciasmuseocaracol.

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For her part, Jennifer Aparicio Ortiz, Communications Coordinator in Caracol, explained that this event comes as part of an alliance between the UNU Cultural Affairs Committee and the Caracol Science Museum.

The circus is part of the special program for the celebration of the museum’s sixth anniversary, the activities of which will be held in the hall free of charge; He concluded that in order for more people to join, the museum today would be 2×1.