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They were relaxing in the jacuzzi until a cougar attacked them

A person was assaulted Mountain lion while relaxing with his wife in a hot tub outside their rental home in a wooded area of ​​California County. Chaffee, Colorado. According to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Office (CPW), the incident occurred on Saturday night the 18th. It is a statement. The victim’s name has not been released. There were four “shallow incisions” on the top of the head very close to the ear.

Apparently, the pair were in the Jacuzzi, installed outside the property at ground level. Suddenly the man realized “Something grabbed the head,” both of them started screaming. It was the woman who saw the puma by shining a flashlight. Immediately, he threw water on the animal, which moved a few meters away, but waited from the top of a nearby hill.

When the couple entered, after tending to the man’s injuries, they contacted the property owner, a CPW employee, who notified authorities.

Cougars are rarely dangerous to people

Parks and Wildlife crews rushed to the scene At around 10 o’clock, the search began Cougars, however, were unable to follow their tracks due to low temperatures and snow.

Commenting on what happened, CPW area manager Sean Shepherd said: “We think the puma may have noticed the man’s head movement in the dark. But did not recognize the people That they were in hydromassage.

The incident was the first attack by a mountain cougar on a human in Colorado in more than a year and the 24th known attack since 1990. CPW noted that three of them died. “Although Attacks are relatively rareIt is important to know how to handle potential encounters,” officials added.

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California-based Felidae Conservation Fund details His official site Contact between cougars and humans is “becoming more common” because their habitats are shrinking. The key is to accept that these animals are just as much a part of the ecosystem as humans, and take preventative measures.

Officials urged Colorado residents to follow signs to prevent another attack by cougarscpw.state.co.us/

Additionally, Shepherd pointed out that The couple’s reaction was great, They managed to move it and further damage was avoided. “They did the right thing by making noise and charging Puma. Even if affected There were only minor injuries and we are taking this incident very seriously. We alert neighbors and put up signs to warn them of animal activity. We will continue to monitor the model,” he said.

To reduce the risk of another attack, officials shared some common symptoms that can be useful in cases of close contact with wild specimens: