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They warn of a geomagnetic storm that will affect the Earth

They warn of a geomagnetic storm that will affect the Earth

The United States National Weather Service (SWPC) has warned of the impact of a geomagnetic storm, also known as a G2 class solar storm, on Earth on September 2.

Fortunately for G2 strong effects are not expected. If the degree is G4 or G5, there will be serious effects such as damage to the planet’s satellite network, blackouts and global communications, how does a geomagnetic storm or a solar storm occur?

Geomagnetic storms or solar storms are caused by powerful volcanic eruptions in the sun that emit high levels of solar particles, which affect the Earth’s magnetosphere and generate disturbances that can last, depending on their level and intensity, for hours or several days.

According to the SWPC warning, on August 28, solar flares and blasts were observed that will generate this geomagnetic storm whose effects, weak and small, are expected between September 1 and 2 on Earth.

Science has warned for years of the danger of a major phenomenon of this kind. A level G5 geomagnetic storm could hit the entire planet, leaving us without internet globally (because it would affect submarine cables and the satellite network), as well as seriously affecting energy supplies, among other disasters.


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