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They seek to expand the field of work for security sciences

They seek to expand the field of work for security sciences

All workplaces need human security professionals

Written by Jahira Lara


Analyze how to reduce the risks that people may be exposed to in all areas, as well as search for alternatives in conjunction with public institutions, educational and labor institutions and social organizations; It is one of the central hubs for graduates of security sciences.

This was shared by the coordinator of the bachelor’s degree offered at the Autonomous University of Queretaro, Rubén Torres Diaz, who confirmed that they are currently seeking to expand the field of graduate work, in response to the need for human security professionals present in all workspaces.

From this standpoint, he pointed out that human security is an important basis for creating an environment conducive to development and human well-being in companies, organizations and public institutions.

“All workplaces currently need human safety professionals, safety and hygiene companies, public institutions responsible for citizen protection in the field of prevention, social, cultural and sports organizations, as well as the business sector in risk reduction, and this is our intention, specifically to expand the work “.

According to the academic, the aim of the program is to train professionals who are involved in the analysis, discussion, research and decision-making on problems related to people’s security, particularly those affecting human rights, individual freedoms and integrated protection the same, to identify the causes that arise from it, and with it design programs and strategies to discover it Treat it and prevent it on time.

Among the areas in which professionals can work in this subject are public security and criminal justice systems, at the municipal, state or federal level; in public institutions for crime prevention, law enforcement and social reintegration; In various fields of commerce, public and private transportation, communications, tourism, health, culture and recreation, and other services related to human security that involve public security or civil protection interference.

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