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They revealed the real reason for the scandal in the French national team after the end of the Qatar 2022 World Cup


After L’Equipe revealed the full conflict between Didier Deschamps and Karim Benzema, influential French journalist Romain Molina exposed a poisoned atmosphere based on information essentially linking Antoine Griezmann and goalkeeper Hugo Lloris.

According to the information developed by Molina, the Atletico Madrid and Tottenham player welcomed Benzema’s exit from the 2022 World Cup as a result of the quadriceps muscle injury in his left thigh, which sidelined the Real Madrid striker just hours before the start of the opening day.

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These two players and officials of the French Football Federation discovered Benzema’s farewell to the national team on the plane that was taking them to Paris from Doha, according to L’Equipe newspaper.

In another report, the journalist mentions Griezmann’s tension when Karim returned to the national team.

“There have been meetings with Giroud, Griezmann, Lloris and Pogba… the ‘four’. And they don’t say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to Deschamps about Benzema’s return (to the French team). But in fact, they are not very happy, which is understandable because France won. the World Cup and a group was formed so that the players could say “It’s our team etc.”, and “If a player arrives…”. We can understand that, France was the world champion. But these gentlemen weren’t particularly upset because Benzema is a bad guy, no, but because Griezmann, Pogba was worried about the fans.

He adds: “There was a problem for Griezmann with being too focused on Benzema. There was almost a meeting of the French team’s executive committee due to views on Twitter before the European Cup because Mr. Griezmann wasn’t happy to see so little on the nets,” says the caller.

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On the other hand, L’Equipe makes it clear that Benjamin Pavard. He received heavy criticism from both Deschamps and his teammates after the win against Australia, although Hugo Lloris and Giroud publicly showed their support. However, according to Romain Molina, Pavard caused huge problems inside the dressing room, even being accused of leaking private information to the press.

All this after a fight with Deschamps after not accepting the criticism leveled by his coach, and Bayern Munich responded by sparking a heated debate.

However, the decisive point was to come during the World Cup Final in Qatar. It was Deschamps when he had a huge argument with Pavard after he heard inappropriate comments from his teammates on the bench about who they were playing. Some of the words also upset his teammates, who accused him of leaking information due to his close relationship with journalists.

As reported by L’Equipe, the coaching staff are very disappointed with Pavard, whom they consider one of the players who have dealt better these years despite some controversial performances.