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They reveal why Gerard Pique is ‘bored’ with Shakira: the ex-footballer’s friends tell what happened when he pursued Clara Xia’s love | people | entertainment

After all the rumors being told in these months of Gerrard Pique And Shakiraand everything related to their controversial breakup, a question has been left in the air that has not yet been resolved and they are trying to show that the author is theirs.

It is not yet known if it was Pique who left Shakira for a reason that now appears on the curtain or, on the contrary, singer A Colombian woman decides to leave the father of her children after learning he is having an affair Clara Shea Martythus informs Well diary.

The reason why Gerard Pique is “tired” of Shakira

What has emerged in recent days is why Gerard Pique is fed up with Shakira. The former soccer player would tell his friends, and part of his closest circle, why he fell in love with Shakira.

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“He does not care that she writes songs about him or his girlfriend, or even says that she wants or wants to return, they assure that it is not true,” they report on the portal. egogiving some of Pique’s close friends as the source.

“What’s more, when Pique and Shakira broke up, the former footballer, according to his friends, was tired of the Colombian’s bluntness … He felt that she controlled everything and complained a lot. The fights were going on, “can be read in the same lines where it is said Providing information that was not known until now.

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And it is that Gerard, after 12 years with Shakira and two children, Milan and Sasha, realizes that artist The barranquillera was a bit intense and decided to go hunting love After that, Clara Shea meets Marty, his current partner.

The result of all this mess was that Pique said that Shakira was being hard and that’s why he stopped loving her. Later, the former football player fell in love with Clara Xia Marty, who was the opposite of the singer and now they are even more cohesive, no matter how disliked Shakira’s followers are. (And the)

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