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Shakira y Piqué

They reveal the supposed method the footballer used to trick Shakira into not being discovered

Shakira and Gerard Pique announced their separation on July 4th Amid endless rumors about Alleged infidelity of the player Barcelona.

As a result of these rumors, it appeared Pique would have cheated on Shakira with Clara Shea MartiAnd the A young 23-year-old Spanish footballer met while working for his company Kosmos.

In the midst of a mediate separation between the stars, Photographers Jordi Martin, who followed the case for several monthsAnd he talked about the estrangement between the Colombian singer and the Spanish midfielder.

During your participation in the program love and fireAnd the The journalist revealed the alleged method that Gerard Pique could have used not to be faithful to Shakira and not discover it.

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“Pique, when he sees himself with a girl, he knows very well what actions he has to take. This means that if he goes to a hotel and sees a girl, she goes first, stops the car, goes up to the room alone and the girl gets up alone. The girl leaves the hotel alone and he leaves alone. That It is the style of work that Pique has used for many years.”

Jordi Martin’s surprise announcement came just two weeks later The paparazzi have highlighted other alleged infidelities of the Barcelona player.

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“It was a meeting with an ex-partner that Pique never forgot. Today she is happily married, she has just become a mother, so she was single. This meeting took place in Nuria’s apartment. He was in the focus of the Spanish team, he went to Nuria’s apartment in a taxi, where they met for a while Two hours and then back with the team.”

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Along the same lines, Jordi Martin reports that Pique’s other alleged infidelity occurred in 2020when Shakira cheated with a young woman he met at a nightclub in Barcelona.

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“I got one from 2016, and now we’re picking one from 2020. Catalan. Initials: JP. It happened in a well-known Barcelona nightclub. It’s unknown and it happened in a cabaret bathroom,” he added.