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They request the postponement of the extraordinary meeting of the Economic Sciences Council in Chubut-Adensor

The Economics Professionals of Chubut County, identifying themselves by name, surname, DNI number and professional registration number, with recognised right, request that the date of the observance of the Assembly be postponed to the second week of August 2022 exceptionally called in in order to discuss and define COMBE, which we have so insistently requested.

The date of June 23, 2022 at 8:00 AM in Rawson, is set as follows: In August / 2021, 153 professionals requested this call from the Board of Directors of the Professional Council of Economic Sciences, and it was rejected, refusing to deal with the issues detailed below.

Then, 301 professionals (from Comodoro Rivadavia, Trelew, Esquel, Lago Puelo and Puerto Madryn) comfortably completed the requirements requested by Art. No. 7 of Law 1181, we ask the Board of Directors, on November 29, 2021, to hold an extraordinary assembly within a period not exceeding 15 days, to be held within a period not exceeding 30 days calculated from that date for the purposes of discussing and deciding on the administrative entity of the pension services For Chubut-Kombe County professionals (a pension fund that includes accountants – dentists – doctors – biochemists – notaries) the following issues:

Minister Mirta Simon is Vice-President of the Federal Council for Children, Adolescents and the Family

1. Voluntary affiliation of registered professionals.

2. Separation from the Professional Council of Economic Sciences at Combe.

3. The system of reciprocity with other pension systems.

4. Money back system.

Then, in view of the delay in responding to the second request in March 2022, he urged the Board of Directors to convene it under his judicial request. We continue to insist, only until May 7, 2022, that the Board of Directors decided to appoint him to Rawson City on June 23, 2022 at 8:00 AM. In the middle of winter. They prompted our request to invite an extraordinary assembly: – Fortunately, we were not required to express an opinion or accept participation in the Combe.

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This action was without consultation and coercion, taken by the Board of Directors when this important decision called for the advice of all professionals. The retirement credit granted to current retirees through this scheme is not eligible. Added to this is the lack of health coverage. Therefore, COMBE does not fulfill the prediction goal for which it was created. To this date, we do not know that any subsidiary with fifteen years of contributions to this entity exceeds $10,000 from retirement.

Inflation: the total basic basket is close to 110,000 pesos in Komodoro

This is the only income a Combe retiree will receive for his contribution to this fund for that period, since there is no access to the national system. – There is no possibility that this situation will change in the future. – We believe that the information provided does not meet the needs of the members. – We believe that sufficient participation of members is not provided. The description shows significant personal abuse of professionals that we do not wish to continue to tolerate. Staying in this system puts in a serious crisis the current and future decent living conditions for professionals and their families. – Who is now responsible for the damage done to professionals for including us in the pension system without consulting?

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The arrangement on the date chosen for the celebration of the Extraordinary Assembly is wholly inappropriate and inconsiderate for the professionals who would have to travel to Rawson City from distant points in the county. Which does nothing but discourage, rather than encourage, participation in such an important issue.

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Likewise, for those who practice our profession exclusively independently, this means losing two days of work to be able to arrive on time, as well as the fact that this date coincides with the expiration of annual national tax returns filings. Cases that should not be ignored and considered. On the other hand, many of our colleagues work in public bodies, which means that they cannot attend during business hours.

Arcione said he is analyzing Rawson’s request to postpone the date of entering the public administration

Under these circumstances, attendance becomes difficult and risky. In view of the foregoing, we ask for approval of the proposed change of date, in order to facilitate understanding among all colleagues in the province, because otherwise the birth of alternative solutions will be hampered, this will result in the problem continuing without a definite solution and in such a case we will undoubtedly continue to insist by all means possible until it is resolved.