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they go?  Richard Sanchez, Nestor Araujo and Sebastian Caceres are in danger in America

they go? Richard Sanchez, Nestor Araujo and Sebastian Caceres are in danger in America

All three players can be very affected by the arrival of Israel Reyes to the Eagles.

Internal competition can cause problems.
© Image 7Internal competition can cause problems.

America finished its first week of pre-season ahead of Clausura 2023 and The big surprise was the accession of Israel Reyeswho knows He became the first signature For the new Liga MX tournament.

This augmentation was explicitly requested by Fernando Ortiz, According to the words of own technician and Santiago Baños. A good performance by the Kings could benefit the Eagles, but for him Diversity is what can put some players at risk from the current campus.

The Israel’s statistics are enviableHe is practically the best under-23 footballer in Mexican football. He can also perform a central and containment role. In the event that he manages to seize the property, Richard Sanchez, Nestor Araujo or Sebastian Caceres can go to the bank.

All three footballers would normally be in America’s squad, but domestic competition with Israel Reyes could send one to the bench, here’s why It will be crucial that Tano manages to keep the good atmosphere and egos on the sidelines.

I know now glimpse Two types of alignments In Las Águilas, one with the former Puebla player as a central defender and the other as a pivot accompanied by Alvaro Fidalgo, with the understanding that the Spaniard is vital to giving clarity and depth to the team.

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