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They explained that Fidelio Despradel has not resigned from Alianza Pais and that only 22 have left the party.

They explained that Fidelio Despradel has not resigned from Alianza Pais and that only 22 have left the party.

Alianza Paes denied that its executive secretary, Fidelio Despradel, had resigned from the party or left the political organization.

In a press release He explained that they only have proof of the resignation of 22 of its members, instead of 135 as presented in the list.

The organization explained that a part of it was in a state of suspension or in the process of being suspended due to having stopped attending the meetings of their organizations and their activities for their levels of responsibility, all in accordance with the legal rules governing Alianza País.

On the matter, the organization will ask the Central Electoral Council (JCE) to confirm 135 alleged resignations.

The names of the confirmed freelancers are:

Nee Rodriguez, Leslie A. Rodriguez, Elsa M. Rodriguez, Elsa Y. Rodriguez, Alcindia Rodriguez, Jose Zappala, Arismendi Padilla, Casemiro Padilla, Arieslide Ventura Padilla, Raul Ramirez, and Jose del C. Ramirez.

Also, Rudy E. Ramirez, Ruth E. Ramirez, Rodri E. Ramirez, Vicente Ramirez, Santiago Ramirez, Francis Roa, Sebastian Guzmán, Marina Guzmán, Martha E. Custudio, Roc A. Gomez and Thomas Lugo.

On the other hand, Alianza Paes said that his party transparently managed the resources it received from the state.

“The affidavits of all members of the Alliance who have public representation or who have had public representation have been duly deposited in the Dominican Republic Accounts Chamber and are publicly accessible and can be identified, investigated, and challenged, if such a decision is made,” the document states.

They also made it clear that the party is open to investigation by the competent authorities, as well as to investigate any complaint that is submitted against it.

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The head of the party, Guillermo Moreno, also reiterates the position of Alianza Pais refusing to transfer the Punta Catalina secretariat and, in this spirit, has publicly proposed to the President of the Republic, Luis Abenader, to withdraw the Senate from the agreement of the Fund of the Republic of Punta Catalina.

Alianza Pais is a serious party that takes politics seriously. We are aware that the path that has been built over the 11 years of existence, as an alternative and progressive party, committed to principles and values, to break with clientelistic political practices and old politics,” the party said.