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They denounced the deportation of Cubans from Mexico by appointing CBP One

They denounced the deportation of Cubans from Mexico by appointing CBP One

A Cuban immigrant identified as Daenerys Hernandez Martinez, who was recently deported from Mexico to Cuba, complained that Aztec immigration officials do not look at whether or not you have an appointment through a CBP One application to claim asylum at the North American border. They simply put you out and that’s it.

Despite an authorized appointment at the US southern border to apply for a CBP One visa, Hernandez told her sad and disappointing story as she was deported from Mexico this weekend.

The young woman painfully described how Mexican police detained her along with 24 other Cubans at a motel in Tula de Allende, Hidalgo, where they were staying. Journalist Mario J. According to Benton’s statement, who InterviewedAgents arrived on the scene because of a fight between the owner of the motel and another man, and upon seeing Cuban, they detained them and called immigration.

Hernandez-Martinez explained her situation to an immigration officer and tried to show her documents for her CBP One appointment, but they ignored her, according to her complaint. The Cuban immigrants were taken by bus to a detention center in Pachuca, then to Tapachula, where they were prepared to be deported to the island by plane carrying more than 100 people.

Cubans deported from Mexico: Doesn’t status matter?

The young Cuban reported that Mexican immigration officials lied to them all the time, preventing them from using their phones and assuring them they would not be deported. Finally, from the detention center in Tapachula, they were put on buses and taken to the airport.

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They didn’t tell us where we were going, didn’t talk to us, didn’t let us take a bath,” he lamented.

“I have nothing to gain anymore, I’m making this video to make my case known, so people don’t believe it,” said the Cuban immigrant. “They don’t care about anything, they deport you with an authorized appointment, they take away any kind of rights.”

This Sunday, the official Cuban press was informed that Mexico had deported 138 Cubans (46 women and 92 men) who had traveled legally from Cuba to Nicaragua or other Central American countries.

The Cubans were transferred by plane from Mexico to the “José Martí” International Airport in Havana, where they were received by Cuban immigration officials and officials from the Ministry of the Interior (Ministry).