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They confirmed there were five Dominicans in the truck that crashed in Mexico

They confirmed there were five Dominicans in the truck that crashed in Mexico

Five Dominicans were among the group of immigrants traveling in the truck that crashed on the Duxtla Gutierrez-Chiapa de Corso Highway (Chiapas, southern Mexico), killing 55 people and injuring 104, mostly of Guatemalan descent.

Two Dominicans were injured in the crash, according to Mexican authorities. Third, Rafael Martinez Castillo, 30, died.

Officials at the Dominican Republic’s embassy in Mexico confirmed to Diario Libre that the other two Dominicans were in the trailer, while Ramon Benito Almando Espinal and Luis Emilio Roa Sala; But what condition they are in is still being verified.

“We have notice from relatives that they traveled in the trailer, but we are still working with Mexican authorities to verify the actual condition of each Dominican who traveled in the trailer at the scene,” it said in detail. This media by a message on WhatsApp.

Congestion and cracks to breathe

According to the testimonies of the survivors, a group of 160 people crossing the Mexican border with the United States packed the truck’s luggage compartment with slots above it so that they could breathe.

According to the website of the local media Chiapas Paralelo, the truck was registered under the name “Autotransports Rio Blanco” of Chiapas and the luggage was registered as “Z Transports, SA”. From the state of Veracruz. The driver fled the scene after the vehicle overturned.

According to the state government report, 19 of the survivors were children and adolescents, and the youngest was only three years old.