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They award the National Prizes for Publishing, Social Sciences, Humanities and Literature 2021

They award the National Prizes for Publishing, Social Sciences, Humanities and Literature 2021

After the meeting in the capital Dulce Maria Luinas Cultural Center Corresponding juries, winners with 2021 National Prizes for Publishing, Literature, Social Sciences and Humanities.

In recognition of the extraordinary merits of his narrative work, the precision of his prose, where language, imagination and solid structure excel, National Literature Award 2021 Awarded to writer Julio Travieso.

The unanimous decision came after being discussed between Miguel Barnett Lanza, chair of the jury, Jesus David Corbelo, Emmanuel Tornes Reyes, Alberto Marrero Fernandez and Teresa Milo Rodriguez as members.

At the invitation of the Cuban Writers Institute, the jury chaired by Alex Bouzides and made up of Rogelio Riveron Morales, Marilyn Pupes, Mercy Ruiz and Maria Basilia Papastamatiou agreed to hand over the Naconal Prize for the 2021 edition to Norberto Codina Porras.

As stated in the minutes, this decision is due to his permanent leadership in Cuban newspaper, one of the most important periodicals of the past three decades, which has managed to map the best current Cuban literature and has been in both cultural landmarks in recent times.

Meanwhile, the jury National Prize for Science, Social Sciences and Humanities 2021, chaired by Isabel Monal Rodriguez, and made up of Yoel Cordovi Nunez, René González Barrios, Jose Ernesto Novaz Guerrero and Jorge Hernández Martinez, all distinguished specialists in various branches of social and human studies, honored José Luis Rodriguez Garcia.

The official law states that this former Minister of Economy and Planning of Cuba was chosen because of his career, with sustainable contributions to economic sciences and history sciences in the economics discipline.

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Likewise, for its systematic work aimed at covering the shortcomings of a key branch of knowledge to understand the political, social and economic trajectory of Cuba in its integration into the regional and global economy.