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They assure us that we will uphold the decent pension law in court

They assure us that we will uphold the decent pension law in court

Members of the House of Representatives announced this Sunday that they would not repeal the decent pension law and would go to court to defend it, with zero percent cuts to pensioners in the debt restructuring process.

This was announced in a written statement written by the Speaker of the House of Representatives Raphael “Tadito” Hernandez Montasse this Sunday; Domingo Torres Garcia, Chairman of the Commission on Labor Affairs and Luis Raul Torres Cruz, Chairman of the Commission on Economic Development, Planning, Telecommunications, Public-Private Partnerships and Energy.

“Today (Sunday) we declare to the nation that the House of Representatives will uphold the dignified pension law in court, and urge the departments of workers, retirees and civil society to unite against workers and finance.” The governor made his commitment to Puerto Rico retirees by not protecting the pension law. “

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For his part, Representative Torres Garcia argued from the outset that the legislative purpose of the move was to give space to it and set up legal bases so that retirees could claim their right to pensions in court, just like other lenders.

“At this historic moment, these measures are all the more appropriate because over the past four years, Ricardo Rochelle, Carlos” Johnny “Mendes and Thomas Rivera Scotts have spent all of their retirement funds in the first three months of retirement. 2017, leaving workers insecure,” said Torres Garcia. Said.

Similarly, Representative Torres Cruz called on the working class of the country to unite in the struggle that will affect the majority of Puerto Ricans. “We call on all workers to intervene in the case filed by the Financial Regulatory Board against the Decent Pensions Act and work together to protect pensions,” he said.

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Representatives of the People’s Democratic Party called on all sectors of civil society to unite in one of the two additional cases pending in the Court of Appeals for the Pastor’s First Round, in which the government of Puerto Rico continued. The Financial Control Board is challenging the fact that Judge Laura Taylor Swain has so far arbitrarily and unjustifiably disabled the island’s approved legislation on the board. “

Members of the Legislature listed the statutory laws under Section 204 (c) of the PROMESA Act:

1. Act 82 2019-Act regulating the administration of benefits and pharmaceutical services.

2. Act 138 2019- establishes that health service companies should not refuse the request of a health professional or provider when they meet the requirements required to carry out their business or activities.

3. Law 47 2020-Expands health professionals applying the 4 percent income tax incentive to prevent health professionals from flying in Puerto Rico.

Last week, Hernandez Montes, Torres Cruz and Torres Garcia recalled that Judge Laura Taylor Swain dismissed the claim of 33 elected officials of the Popular Democratic Party (PPT) on July 25, 2018. It is unconstitutional to consolidate the legislative and executive powers into a single entity, violating the basic elements of the separation of powers of the Republican government system.

“We call on workers to take part in the three lawsuits we bring against the Financial Control Board. This fight belongs to everyone,” they concluded.