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“They are leaving!” chanted the opposition citizens’ bloc rally at the presidential palace.

“They are leaving!” chanted the opposition citizens’ bloc rally at the presidential palace.

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

The Citizens’ Opposition Bloc march reached the presidential residence after leaving Suyapa Boulevard in Tegucigalpa, where they demanded government health, employment and security.

The demonstrators arrived wearing the white and blue shirts of the National Party, the Salvadoran Party of Honduras, the National Alliance and some members of the Liberal Party.

According to the organizers, the peaceful mobilization, which was attended by about 20 thousand people, was led by Salvador Nasrallah (PSH), David Chavez (National Party), Romeo Vasquez Velazquez (National Alliance) and Jose Luis Moncada (Liberal Party).

“They are leaving! Free never again! And the heat is afraid!” were part of the main slogans chanted during the flight until they reached the presidential house in Tegucigalpa.

The packing was very crowded.

On August 16, 2023, the so-called Citizens’ Opposition Bloc was formed after a call from the presidential candidate, Salvador Nasrallah, to defend democracy and the independence of the authorities.

The rules of the political parties that participated in the march confirmed that the mobilization was for “joining the Confederation of African Football, the high cost of the basic food basket, and the insecurity experienced by the country.”

The head of the National Party’s bureau, Tomás Zambrano, told reporters that Hondurans took to the streets, without distinction of political colours, “for Honduras”, and denounced the arrest of buses carrying protesters in separate parts of the country.

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Zambrano indicated that the mobilization is a message so that the government understands that “Honduras belongs to all and is not free” and that the head of state “fulfills his electoral promises.”

“Honduras came out today to say Lieber: enough of so many abuses, so much hatred and wrongdoing,” stressed the head of the bureau of the National Party, who asked President Castro “do not continue to divide the people, do not sow more hatred or discord” and that he “dedicate himself to governance”.

People who went to the demonstration in Tegucigalpa and found surgery.

highway operations

Honduran Institute of Road Transport director Rafael Barahona said bus detentions are part of the institution’s “routine operation” and noted that at least a dozen transport drivers have been penalized for driving off their work sites.

Barahona noted that the opposition was trying to “destabilize” the government and emphasized that President Castro’s battle was to set up an international commission to combat corruption and improve the economy of the Central American country.

The march, led by National Party President David Chavez, reached the vicinity of the presidential residence, where demonstrators shouted “Fuera Familion” and “Si Van” in connection with the need for the Liberal party to leave power on January 27, 2026, when the state of Xiomara Castro.

He also accompanied the presidential (vice-presidential) designate crowd. Salvador NasrallahPresident of the National Alliance and former Chief of Staff who participated in the June 28, 2009 coup against Manuel Zelaya and Romeo Vazquez, leaders of the Salvadoran and Liberal Party in Honduras.

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Nasrallah, the Salvadoran party in Honduras, was elected vice-president as vice president of Honduras, Xiomara Castro, who belongs to Lieber, and denounced his marginalization from the beginning of the government and that he was not assigned any position. Role.