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They are aware of the work of education science professionals in their day

Today, May 8, the professional work of teachers or graduates in Educational Sciences is celebrated and highlighted by Provincial Law No. 10512. Within this framework, the Supreme Council of Educational Sciences endorsed the work conducted as a working group and within the progress made in the field of education.

In the facilities of El Independiente Media, those who are part of the Superior Council of Educational Sciences were present: Elena Roca, as first member; Graciela Pereira, who constituted the Committee of the Professional Council in the role of Auditor; María Alicia González, Chair of the Board, and Camilo Raido, Treasurer of the Foundation. In this sense, and in an interview, Gonzalez indicated that “through Law No. 10512, it was determined to be the graduation day in educational sciences throughout the province and to commemorate the establishment of the Supreme Council of Educational Sciences.

This law was passed last year by the leadership of the provincial governor, Ricardo Quintilla, then Vice President of the House of Representatives, Teresita Madera, and her entire team because we did not have a single day of remembrance.” He also noted: “This is the second law that this working group has completed , because the first update was released on May 8, 2014, It is 9,538, under which the Professional Council of Education Sciences was established, which controls the enrollment of all teachers and their graduates.

There is no record in the whole country or in Buenos Aires of a professional council for educational sciences and this comes from a struggle that lasted for years.”

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Prioritization of education

In turn, he stated that “since 2012 we have started managing and working with teams and with those who gave us a helping hand at that time, such as actress Adriana Olima, who listened to us until the law was passed. All alternate governments have always supported the activities of this council, and emphasized that “the law allows a teacher of education sciences to register and be considered a professional.”

At the same time, Roca specified that during these years “we have been working on training projects not only at the provincial level but also at the national and international levels with the participation of eminent speakers and professionals such as UNESCO, for example, related to education. We hold conferences such as regional and national conferences, and this year is 8th nationally and internationally in November, and we’ve always had over 2,000 teachers participating in our courses.”