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“These instigators no longer know what they are inventing.”

“These instigators no longer know what they are inventing.”

Boris Arencibiadirector of Linear tableSocial media pioneers reacted to the recent controversy with the influencer known as com.ultrackThis happened after the latter was accused of assaulting him and his wife in a Miami restaurant.

The Cuban producer added fuel to the fire by posting a photo on Instagram in which he sees an old man and wrote in the description of the post: “Don’t let people fool you anymore, here I am my oldest bodyguard.”

Capture Instagram/And Boris

There is no doubt that the post is related to the confrontation with Altrak, where he said that El Boris and Lenier attacked him along with two other men, one of whom was his bodyguard.

Chocolate MC, who expressed his opinion on the controversy, added in the comments: “Godfather, please make him take care of me, I’m scared too.”

Boris reacted to Chocolate’s comment by saying: “They don’t know what to invent anymore, these agitators.”

Capture Instagram/And Boris

This Friday Through networks denounced Ultrack That Boris, Linier, his bodyguard, and another man entered the La Mesa del Doral restaurant where he was with his wife to attack them and showed the injuries they had caused to both of them.

Later, the Cuban YouTuber said he accused them before the authorities: “My police, complaints and courts“.

For its part, Chocolat once again came out in defense of Lenier and his manager; At first he asserted that if he had been there I was going to give the influencer a shot too Then Ultrack said on Instagram that this He threatened to kill him.

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