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These are the possible causes

These are the possible causes

Many people want to start physical exercise for Lose weightWeight will ultimately improve your health and Body structure They found that after a week or two of training and diet, against all odds, instead of losing weight, they gained it. What could happen to make this happen that it seems so counter-intuitive against substitution?

In this article We explain the two main reasons that can explain why you gained weight when you already started exercising and following a healthy diet.

Physiological adaptations you must take into account when starting training

There are many, but the thing that interests us today that can explain why we gain so little weight is the storage of glycogen and the overexpression of specific glucose transporters, or GLUT4.

When we are beginners and start training for the first time or even after a long time, The expression of glucose transporter proteins is increased, GLUT4 (Type of glucose transporter 4). This occurs as an adaptation to the stimulation by the muscle contraction that occurs during training.

These transport proteins are responsible for enhancing the transport of glucose to specific tissues such as muscles. This increases the increased reception of glucose by the muscle tissue from Glycogen storage at the same. Glycogen is nothing but glucose stored in the muscles or liver, which is why we can talk about glycogen in muscles or liver.

In this way, weight training will increase glycogen storage above normal levels. This increase can actually assume a slight increase in body weight because a person who weighs around 70 kg can store around 400 or 500 grams of glycogen between the muscles and the liver. What’s more, The glycogen to be stored carries 2 to 3 grams of water for every gram of glycogen, which may lead to an increase in body weight ranging from half a kilo to a kilo and a half.

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Of course, that’s not bad news because we’re talking about muscle glycogen and water, not fat. This can contribute to more numbers on the scale however Without increasing the percentage of fat.

You can’t improve what you don’t measure


What we want to say at this point is that many people who start physical exercise on the one hand and take care of their diet on the other hand, do not take into account the calories they eat. Taking small steps when it comes to making better food choices is a great accomplishment, and this is how the process should be incremental, but it is very possible if you stay in this stage without You have a lower bound on how much you eat You cannot lose weight.

and that is To lose fat and weight you need to be deficient in calories In the diet, that is, you eat less than you spend, or otherwise see, you spend more than you eat. We don’t mean that you should stick or paste an app that calculates calories, but at the very least you have an estimate of how much food you’re consuming. If you already have this idea and are not losing weight, you have two options: increase your calorie expenditure or reduce your intake (or both).

All of this that we’re pinning down on is trying to respond to the fact that even physical exercise and “diet” not only lead to weight loss but you gain it as well. This can happen if you have no idea how much to eat since eating what we understand as healthy, which may lead to controversy in many cases, is not synonymous with or at least a guarantee of eating with a caloric deficiency.

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