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"There can be no conference call, it seems we have done nothing in three years"

“There can be no conference call, it seems we have done nothing in three years”

Gerardo Martino explained the reasons why the Atlas players were not called up, including that the backbone of the team is made up of foreigners.

Gerardo MartinoCoach Mexican national teamadmitted it was “remarkable” that there were no two-time champion players atlas In the calls, but he explained that one of the causative factors is that red and black “have a backbone made up of foreigners.”

“The doors are open to everyone. Remarkably, the team that won the last two championships has no players of choice, commenting that atlas It has many foreign players, especially the backbone are foreigners. There can be no big call for players who weren’t around, because it seems like we haven’t done anything in three years,” he said. Gerardo Martino.

In Atlas, players love Aldo Rocha They asked to be called up to the Mexican national team, but their request was not listened to. Another case is the case Julius Verchwho is also looking for a place in the three colors, but has no cards to represent it Mexico.

“The alternate plan would be (Julius Verch), but said it wasn’t fit to look at it yet. He doesn’t want to take him away, but to be fair, there are three guys here and Rogelio Funes Morey, there is room for everyone, and everyone will fight, we will decide who goes. To the extent that we decide well, the Mexican national team You will have more chances of success. Today we have 38 players in different places and there is a good intention to earn a place,” added the Tricolore coach, before the match against Uruguay.

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Gerardo Martino did not witness Argentina’s victory over Italy

was a team coach Mexican national teamAnd the Gerardo Martinodid not witness Argentina’s victory over Italy, in the Champions Tournament that was played between South America and Europe, despite the fact that Albiceleste is a contender for Mexico On the World Cup Qatar 2022.

“I didn’t get the chance to see him, I can’t comment. I won’t point out any similarities between Argentina and Uruguay, except that they are two South American teams, with excellent personalities, but they are different structures,” Martino explained.

Fede Valverde, recovered to face Mexico

Faith ValverdeThe champion of the Champions League with Real Madrid, admitted that he is ready to face MexicoIn the friendly match that he will play with UruguayAfter recovering from some physical discomfort.

“The tension played tricks on me, it was fatigue, I recovered well, I worked in the following days to be here with the national team, at the coach’s disposal,” he said. Federico Valverdeselected from Uruguay.

The Uruguayan commented, “He knows a lot” about Mexico, because of the three-color team’s participation in the World Cup.

“I know a lot, they usually go to the World Cup and it is usual to see them fight for important things. They are always strong and brave Mexico They always play the ball well, they are one of the teams that do the best, they press well when they lose the ball, they have good players and that always helps to keep growing as a team. And Valverde made it clear that Mexico has always been a contender to win at the international level and it would be a great match.”

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for this part, Diego Alonsoformer coach of Pachucathey said they accepted the match against Mexico Because the three colors have a similar style to its competitors in the group, in Qatar 2022.

“What we understand is that we chose Mexico Because it has a similar system to the group’s competitors and in this way we can see how we interact and that can help us in preparation,” he explained. Diego AlonsoThe coach of the Mexican national team.

Uruguay will face South Korea, Portugal and Ghana in the World Cup.