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Existen más de 400 evidencias contra acusados de estafa al sector eléctrico

There are more than 400 evidence against those accused of fraud in the electricity sector

Santo Domingo, RD.

Those involved in fraud in the Dominican State Electricity Corporation and Electricity Distribution Companies are accused of criminal offenses, fraud against the state, embezzlement, coalition officials, bribery and money laundering.

This was expressed by the lawyers who filed the complaint on Tuesday with the Attorney General’s Office.

They say investigation is ongoing against Rubén Jiménez Bechara, Luis Ernesto de Leon Nunez, Rubín Montas Dominguez, Radhames del Carmen Marínez, Julio Cesar Correa, Maxi Gerardo Montella Sierra, Alexandre Montella Sierra, Juan Alexis Medina Sánchez, Domin Elias Marquez, the age of Antonio Santiago , Julien Esteban Sorel Suazo, Wacal Vernavel Mendes Pineda, Miguel Antonio Reyes Reyes, Peter Alexis Francisco Tejada and Delici de Jesus Rivera, more than 7 months.

They confirm that there are more than 400 evidence and that in the next few days they can visit the prosecutor’s office to finish completing the documents.

He says that what was filed on Tuesday is all the complaints that have been filed so that in this way the public prosecutor can take the measures he deems appropriate.

Indictments were also brought against 25 companies linked to those involved in the previous administrations of the Dominican Corporation of State Electricity Companies and Electricity Distribution Companies.

The Dominican State has requested, through Edes, a provisional and preliminary assessment of the sum of S$50,000 million, the sum to be compensated by the defendants “as just compensation for the damages inflicted on the Dominicans, as well as the elimination of benefits and accessories which may result from such sum.”

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