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The 'world's most similar' twins are engaged to boyfriend صديق

The ‘world’s most similar’ twins are engaged to boyfriend صديق

sisters Anna and Lucy Disink, who are known as “the most identical twins in the world,” betrothed to their mutual friend.

The women from Perth, Australia, have been in a relationship with Ben Byrne for ten years, who asked them to marry them on the latest episode of TLC Extreme Sisters, according to daily Mail.

In space, the man became engaged in a twin. “Anna, you mean the world to me and I want to spend my life with you and Lucy, you mean the world to me and I also want to spend my life with you. He told them ‘I love you, I love you both.'”

The two sisters said yes to their partner, in what was the final chapter of the show, which in previous episodes showed Anna and Lucy trying to get pregnant simultaneously.

“The most similar twins in the world” since 2012 who are paired up with a man and want to marry you for a few years, but polygamy is prohibited in Australia, so consider contracting the commitment in another country.

It is worth noting that the sisters indicated that their mother persuaded them to try to conceive at the same time.

Anna, Lucy, and Ben live in exactly the same house with the twins’ mother, with the three sharing a room and sleeping in a king size bed, with Berne in the middle.

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