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The “world’s longest bus journey” takes 56 days to cross Europe

The “world’s longest bus journey” takes 56 days to cross Europe

(CNN) – How would you like to spend two months traveling overland from Istanbul to London without having to get behind the wheel? Indian expedition company Adventures Overland is about to launch what is being called the “world’s longest bus ride”.

Departing in August, the 56-day voyage, available for up to 30 passengers, will cover 22 countries, taking travelers from the largest city in Turkey, through the Balkans, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia and Western Europe, to the capital of the United Kingdom.

A ferry crossing the Gulf of Finland, a visit to the Northern Cape (or Nordkapp) – the northernmost point of continental Europe – and a cruise through the Norwegian fjords are among the highlights of the 12,000km journey.

The full package, which will cost travelers $24,300, includes daily breakfast, plus $30 lunch and dinner, plus all hotel stays (room sharing).

Although traveling by bus for two months may not be very attractive to some, the vehicle is described as a “special luxury bus designed for comfortable long-distance travel.”

Passengers on board will be able to relax in adjustable seats “with ample legroom” and have AUX and USB ports, a fold-out tray and bottle and cup holders. Each passenger can carry two “standard bags”.

“private luxury bus”

Introducing Adventures Overland’s ‘luxury coach service’, which will travel between Istanbul (Turkey) and London (UK). (Credit: Overland Adventures)

‘Bus to London’ has been conceived as a replacement for Adventures Overland’s annual ‘Road to London’ route, inspired in part by the Hippie Trail buses that traveled the world during the 1950s and 1960s, which was due to start in 2021.

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However, the route, which covers destinations such as Myanmar, China and Russia, is currently closed to international visitors, could not be launched as expected.

Adventures Overland was founded by entrepreneurs Tushar Agarwal and Sanjay Madan in 2012, who organized several self-drive expeditions from India to London, as well as trips through Iceland and Russia, before presenting its first continental coach tour.

“Every route in every country has been checked to ensure the journey runs smoothly, so participants on buses to London can board knowing they are in safe hands,” Agarwal said in a statement.

“Providing a unique and upscale experience in a safe environment is our top priority. We take care of documentation, paperwork, visas and permits to ensure all participants’ attention is focused on living the journey.”

according to him Guinness World Recordwhich is currently the longest bus route in the world, covering 6,200 km, connecting Lima (Peru) to Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

Last year, the Swiss Rhaetian Railway broke the record for the longest train in the world by commissioning a 1.9km train with 100 carriages to run along the Albula/Bernina track from Breda to Bergen.

It is planned that Bus to London Leaving Istanbul on the 7th of August and arriving in London on the 1st of October.