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The Venezuelan opposition denounced the Maduro regime's ban on the IPU meeting with political prisoners

The Venezuelan opposition denounced the Maduro regime’s ban on the IPU meeting with political prisoners

Pictured is Venezuelan opposition leader Delsa Solorzano. EFE / Miguel Gutierrez / Archive

Former Venezuelan opposition deputy Delsa Solorzano denounced, on Sunday, the authorities’ ban on the mission of the Inter-Parliamentary Union., who was in Venezuela from August 23 to 28, Visit of two alleged political prisoners, former legislators Juan Requisence And Gilberto Sogo.

The delegation of the International Federation of Gates headed by President (Duarte Pacheco), who was in Venezuela until yesterday, was prevented from visiting deputies Juan Requessens and Gilberto Sogo. In the case of the Requesens, they were in his residence where he is at home due to imprisonment and were denied access”Solórzano wrote on his Twitter account.

He stressed in this regard that the “dictatorship” tried to sell a normal image to visitors, but They did nothing more than show his “tyrannical spirit”, Solorzano said.

“They set up the whole apparatus of political persecution to monitor the representatives of the IPU.”The former parliamentarian added, without specifically referring to the security agencies or agencies that prevented access to visits or in what way they did so.

Last week, the Venezuelan discount Julio Burgess He stressed that the visit of the Inter-Parliamentary Union to Venezuela was a An opportunity to “assess the grave human rights situation” Citizens and former deputies to the National Assembly (AN, Parliament).

Borges added that issues such as the case of former opposition parliamentarian Juan Rexens, “whose parliamentary immunity and due process were not respected and today remains under house arrest, It should be evaluated by the committee.”

Juan Guaido's representative for foreign relations, Julio Borges.  EFE / Laura Fernández Palomo / Archive
Juan Guaido’s representative for foreign relations, Julio Borges. EFE / Laura Fernández Palomo / Archive

“The Maduro regime has criminalized the exercise of the parliamentary function; there are many representatives of the National Assembly who have left the country due to persecution”Reassure the opponent.

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Members of the IPU, led by Pacheco, arrived in the country on August 23 and held meetings with the authorities of the legislature, including its vice president. Jorge Rodriguez and his first deputy, Iris Varela.

Discount Juan Guaidó, who also met the delegation, said that The IPU was “resolving the dispute” over which of the two national houses (parliament) – the official and the opposition – is legitimate. Thus, he will represent Venezuela at the next meeting of the organization.

“They are resolving the controversy that exists today, of course, about the hijacking of Parliament in 2020, because there were no legitimate elections, (…) and this is part of the role of this committee; I will not develop my position for the IPU,” Guaido added.

(With information from EFE)

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