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EE.UU no descarta una intervención de fuerzas en Haití

The US has not ruled out military intervention in Haiti

The United States is preparing to introduce a resolution next Monday at the United Nations Security Council that would create a new framework for punishing Haiti’s gang leaders, and cannot rule out international intervention as the country descends into anarchy, a senior State Department official said.

Under Secretary for Western Hemisphere Affairs Brian A. Nichols said in an interview that gang leaders fueling Haiti’s worst security crisis for decades “are in the crosshairs, and their actions to destabilize Haiti will face international travel and financial sanctions.”

The Biden administration expects the resolution to be passed quickly “in the next few days,” Nichols said.

“The resolution will create a United Nations framework to impose sanctions on gang leaders and those who support, facilitate and finance their activities,” he said. “Those sanctions will target your financial resources and your ability to travel.” Haiti’s government has lost control of the Caribbean nation’s security, and U.S. officials say the country is facing a crisis not seen since the early 1990s. Get unlimited digital access. Subscribe now for just $2 for 2 months.

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