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The US aircraft carrier USS George Washington was escorted by Ecuadorian Navy ships.

The US aircraft carrier USS George Washington was escorted by Ecuadorian Navy ships.

After completing his operations with the Peruvian Navy, The US aircraft carrier USS George Washington entered Ecuadorian waters and began exercises and operations with the Ecuadorian Navy.. As was the case throughout its Southern Seas 2024 deployment, the ship and its crew were received by Ecuadorian ships and patrol vessels, while more flights were logged by fighter jets of its embarked air group.

Throughout June, after transiting the Straits of Magellan, USS George Washington has been conducting various coordinated operations with navies patrolling the South Pacific. were found in them Chili And Peru recently joined Ecuador’s fleet from June 26.

As has been the case throughout the aircraft carrier deployment in South American waters, the USS George Washington, USS Porter (TDG-78) and the logistics ship USNS John Lenthal have been conducting various PASSEX-type combined exercises. They include operations initiated as protocol actions and perform simulated arrival, search, and capture operations.

The aircraft carrier’s most recent activities, on its itinerary that will end when it arrives at the San Diego Naval Base and from there to Japan, entered Ecuadorian jurisdiction on June 26 and began conducting coordinated operations with means and personnel. of the Ecuadorian Navy.

Among the routes observed by the Ecuadorian Navy are the Esmeralda Loja-class corvette (CM 16) and the Stan Patrol 5009 Isla Isabela-class patrol vessels (LG-31), which are some of the ships that have received an aircraft carrier as her support group. In terms of naval aviation, one of the Ecuadorian Naval Aviation’s AB-206B helicopters landed on the USS George Washington, as well as flights by Beechcraft King Air.

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*Photos: US Navy and Ecuador.