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The United States will provide 0 million to countries receiving immigrants

The United States will provide $240 million to countries receiving immigrants

On Thursday, the United States Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, announced that his country would allocate another $240 million in humanitarian aid in order to help the countries of the continent and welcome migrants passing through its territory, as well as to strengthen support. their limits.

The leader of American diplomacy made his announcement publicly during a ministerial meeting on immigration being held in parallel with the General Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS), held in Lima.

“The United States will provide an additional $240 million in bilateral humanitarian assistance to help receive and meet the needs of immigrants and refugees in the region,” the secretary told representatives from various countries.

Blinken explained that these resources will be used for health services, shelter and education, but also to strengthen borders and persecute human traffickers.

“This support will help host communities better integrate the immigrant population,” he said.

He also called on the US Secretary of State to “work together” to address the root causes of migration, including insecurity, a lack of economic opportunity, the climate crisis and corruption in the region.

He claimed, “None of us can meet this challenge alone. But we can if we all work together.”

The United States held this meeting to follow up on the Immigration Declaration in Los Angeles last June, in which twenty American countries promised to stop immigration flows.

Washington’s goal is that transit countries immigrants Refugees welcome these people until they reach the US border, which records record numbers of undocumented crossings.

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Blinken cited as an example the cases of Colombia and Peru, which received 2.4 million and 1.3 million Venezuelan refugees, respectively.

Peruvian Foreign Minister Cesar Landa, host of the meeting, agreed with Blinken on the need to address the migration crisis “in a spirit of welcome and promoting the integration of migrants into our societies”.

However, Landa acknowledged that “reception capacities have been exceeded many times,” and stressed the importance of international cooperation.

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