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The United States recommends reducing isolation with the Omigron variant

The United States recommends reducing isolation with the Omigron variant

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in the United States on Monday recommended that the isolation period for asymptomatic COVID-19 patients be reduced from ten to five days.

In a statement, the CDC explains that this change is triggered by scientific evidence that infections occur at the onset of the disease, on the first and second days of symptoms and two or three days later.

For this reason, positive test takers should be isolated for five days if they are asymptomatic, and after this period, continue the mask for another five days to reduce the risk of infection to others.

The CDC has also updated its recommendations for isolating those infected – by contacting an infected person.

If those exposed have not been vaccinated, or have been vaccinated for more than six months (or more than two in the case of the Jansen vaccine), they should also be isolated for five days, and five must be spent with the mask.

Those who have been vaccinated or have a recent booster should spend ten days with the mask at all times.

For all exposed, in addition, the CDC recommends a test five days after contact.

According to the CDC, these recommendations will help reduce the risk of infection.

With this announcement, as the government’s chief epidemiologist Anthony Fossi opened the door to new recommendations, the changes already anticipated this morning were fulfilled because Omigron looks more contagious than other variants of Govit-19. .

U.S. President Joe Biden said this afternoon that he was ready to reduce the isolation time if his medical team recommended it.

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A few hours ago, in an interview with the MSNBC chain, Fauzi announced that the US administration was “seriously” evaluating the reduction of isolation time that virus victims must comply with.