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Embajada EEUU aclara alerta a sus ciudadanos sobre RD no es por inseguridad

The U.S. embassy clarified that the warning about the DR was not due to insecurity

The U.S. embassy makes it clear to its citizens that the DR warning is not about insecurity. The Embassy of the United States Clarified in the Dominican Republic This Saturday called The Recommendation So to its citizens from the foreign ministry of that country Avoid traveling to this country This is not due to the sizes of iCitizen protection Live in Quisqueya. Representatives of embassy officials noted the warning Govt The increase in crime is not fundamental.

The clarification of the U.S. authorities was conveyed to the Director General of the National Police, Eduardo Alberto, and later to a working group meeting held at the headquarters of the regulatory agency.

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Todd Christiansen, director of the International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Agency (INL), raised this clarification to establish that US citizens have not been warned about the security situation in the Dominican Republic.

It is not out of insecurity that the US Embassy clarifies its DR warning to its citizens

“This decision (warning) is based on an increase in Govt cases, not an increase in the crime rate. That warning is not a comment on the crime rate, it is simply a fact that cases are on the rise here (Dominican Republic) (Govt-19), ”Christian explained.

On Wednesday, October 27, the US Embassy in the country posted on its website: Status of COVID-19 in the Dominican Republic ”.

Christiansen meets Director of Police with USAID’s Jeffrey Levine; Skarly H. Peña Herrera, Legal Assistant at the Embassy; Lissette Dumit, USAID; Abelardo Arias, of the INL, and Terence Wallace, stressed that the State Department would maintain cooperation in advancing the national strategy for change in civil defense and policing.

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