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The turnstiles have been activated in the college

The turnstiles have been activated in the college

On Monday of this week, the FMed portals started operating, a decision approved by our Faculty Supreme Council.

The priority of the authorities is far from reality. Instead of making improvements to building materials, education and increasing the number of courses; They budget for revolving doors that serve only to restrict access to the university, in the midst of announcements of changes to the study plan, made by the new dean, Luis Proscoe, closely associated with extremism.

In the midst of a political, social and economic crisis, as many of our comrades are forced to leave the university and a large section of the youth finds it impossible to reach, new adjustment measures are announced in favor of the International Monetary Fund because of the new. Economy Minister Silvina Patakis, it is important to discuss the fate of the university’s (low) budget.

The CECiM Led by New Space (Together for Change at the University), instead of opposing this “insecurity” rhetoric, they voted for their inauguration on the Board of Directors and campaigned for their inauguration, even meeting with neighborhood police to discuss so that there would be a “greater police presence” around the college. It’s the same police that crack down on health workers and the unemployed who take to the streets to fight for their rights, the same police that kill neighborhood kids. All this was done without consulting the students. Not surprisingly, given that both the government and the right are carrying out a campaign to stigmatize poverty and those filling the streets to counter the amendment.

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From En Clave Roja, PTS Youth and the Left Front at FMed, we are calling on the authorities to return with authorization from the turnstiles. The college should be freely available to all young and working people who wish to access it. It is we the students, along with teachers and non-educators, who must decide democratically where the budget is allocated, organize ourselves into committees and unite with the employees and the unemployed who are today in the streets fighting against the amendment, for they are those who live in their bodies a state of health The general public and they are our future patients. We have to organize ourselves so that there is a larger budget for health and education, the financing of which is being withdrawn today by the Alberto Fernandez government to pay off debts with the IMF.

That CECiM is not connected with the interests of Nuevo Espacio and puts itself at the forefront of student organization of all our demands by inviting gatherings, because it is the place of our organization, so that we can discuss among all as there is no one left outside the university.