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The train derails in Delicias

Ciudad Delicias. – loud and making a lot of noise, it was like a railroad machine derailing at about 2am this Sunday at the height of the Cielo Vista Viaduct, where fortunately the three drivers were unharmed, but the damage was extensive.

In addition to the overturned machine, 4 carriages were about to lose their perpendicularity, so municipal and federal authorities quickly arrived at the scene, as well as military elements, who cordoned off the area and flagged the turn, as a highway rail was closed. Also vulnerable.. from north to south, on the underside of the bridge.

A diesel spill from the overturned machine was also recorded, and the fire department arrived to take control of the situation, aboard two fire-fighting machines, making it necessary to spread the ground in the area to avoid a flame and try to make the least environmental impact. , due to contamination of the mantle with said fuel.

The machine had about a thousand liters of fuel oil, so it was necessary to extract it to be able to use the cranes, because in the first place the cranes came from the local pensions but they could not move the locomotive, which required maneuvers with cranes from the same Ferromex company that specializes in this type of cargo .

As of 5 in the afternoon on Sunday they were still making maneuvers to combine the machine and the trolleys, completely closing the lower section of the bridge and accessing the motorway, and the Civil Protection stated that the works would continue through a good part of Sunday afternoon and evening.

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It should be noted that unofficially, people walking around reported noticing some “Vagos” putting “Un iron” on the rails, while the drivers, interviewed by the fire department, commented that it felt like a jump. from the device and subsequently flipped over.