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The teacher is crying in front of her students because she won’t be able to see RBD

through social networks Young teacher It went viral, after she was recorded crying in class in front of her students, for not having tickets to a concert by RBD, her favorite band.

In the clip you can watch the teacher crying unbearably in the children’s room, for this group that has been retired for over ten years and this will be their last outing.

When preschoolers saw her behind a shelf crying her eyes out, they approached her to show affection, as seen in the video posted to TikTok.

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“I’m crying at work because we didn’t get tickets to RBD”And Is the phrase that describes the video that has already garnered millions of views on this social network.

“Most of us in our 30s cry. Let the children see that adults cry too. Sisters are in the same pain. Now I know it wasn’t just my heart that broke. Girl I understand you,” some of the comments on the video said.

RBD reunion

the “RBD” reunion It is an event that no one wants to miss, since 2008 when they did their “Tour del AdiĆ³s” tour.And Fans of the Mexican group wanted to see them again, despite the fact that by that time each of them would have taken a different path in their lives.

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The “Soy Rebelde World Tour” 2023 has already been confirmed to take place in New York, Miami, and Mexico, among other cities and countries.

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