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The study supports the usefulness of a mobile application for patients with endometriosis

The study supports the usefulness of a mobile application for patients with endometriosis

They recommended that the platform offer the option of its functionality in Spanish. Photo: shutterstock.

Due to lack of data for acceptance of mobile apps (apps) for monitoring Women’s health and menstruation subordinate Womenattached authors University of Health Sciences Ponce conducted a qualitative study to evaluate Acceptance Application sura by Puerto Rican women with Endometrial To monitor symptoms, create clinical reports, and participate in gynecological consultations.

Sora is a tracking app sign of illness Real-time gynecological services, generating individual clinical reports and providing access to gynecological consultations through telemedicine for the purpose of guidance Medical care for patients With endometriosis.

The team collected data on SORA use over a 3-month period. The sample consisted of six patients who were interviewed with three times across the platform Zoomwhere sociodemographic data was collected, among others.

Among the notable results, it is said that Application movil turned out to be easy for participants to use, its design was adjusted to their preferences and turned out to be “useful”. The presentation praised him for taking into account a range of symptoms associated with endometriosis to choose from.

Similarly, other functions highlighted by the sample are the ability to Application to track symptoms. However, they recommended that the platform offer an option Spanish language jobsas well as increase Access to Latin countries.

“This ongoing study has shown that SORA is so widely accepted by patients with endometriosis that it would facilitate access to care and improve medical management of this complex condition,” reads part of the conclusion of the research work by the lead scientist in endometriosis. in Puerto RicoThe Dr. Idales Flores Calderas.

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It should be noted that studies in nation It showed that one in 20 Puerto Rican women has endometriosis, 80% have severe and disabling pelvic pain, and 50% can be infertile.

In total, about 50,000 Puerto Rican women suffer from said uterine inflammation.

Other investigations by this team have also shown how this population can be classified as “chang,” referring to the problem of stigma and underestimation of symptoms seen in this group of women.

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