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The specialist warns that self-medication is a serious and common mistake in skin care

The specialist warns that self-medication is a serious and common mistake in skin care

The specialist recommends not to self-formulate, because it is easy to find untested products that can cause dangerous conditions.

Mario Naranjo, Medical Specialist in Dermatology – Member of the Colombian Society of Dermatology and Dermatology (ASOCOLDERMA).

Our skin is one of the most affected organs on a daily basis, due to confinement, stress and lack of physical activity.

For experts, skin care should be a priority, because it is the largest organ in the body, which is reflected when any change or disease occurs.

However, according to Dr. Mario Naranjo, a dermatologist, using cosmetics that have not been properly tested can cause skin changes and diseases, such as allergic reactions, dermatitis of the face and neck, urticaria and acne.

“Sometimes we feel a little grateful for our skin, because when we see certain signs and symptoms we can’t consult a dermatologist. We dermatologists do the right and timely treatments to protect this very visible organ so that it is healthy and in balance, as it should” he commented specialist.

Today, social networks provide us with many home remedies that can be easily done at home, which leads patients to do a lot of self-formulation.

For this reason, Dr. Naranjo recommends periodic visits to the dermatologist, ie at least every 6 months or once a year, to examine the skin, examine moles and check for any type of injury that generates mistrust in the patient.

I also emphasize that “there are some cases presented by Covid-19, and this is due to changes in habits that were made previously, and these patients may develop some kind of rash, especially macules, papules, and generalized outbreaks in Skin lesions and pseudoperniosis“.

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Some of the clinical cases treated by Dr. Mario Naranjo:

body shape

Here are some tips that we must follow if we want to keep our skin healthy:

Use sunscreen every day (so we’re at home).

-Consult Your dermatologist Any skin changes or discomfort.

– Don’t mold yourself.