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The Source has acquired Shohei Ohtani for a record contract – Full Swing

Written by Jesus Perez Vichot (Chochi)

First, Heyman points to the largest player contract ever signed by the AL’s new single-season record holder, Yankee outfielder Aaron Judge ($360 million turns down a $400 million offer from the Padres). Arguing that this winter the contracts were fast and huge.

Heyman also mentions Trea Turner’s contracts ($300 million with the Phillies, turning down the Padres’ $342 million offer), Xander Bogaerts’ offer ($280 million with the Padres, a record for a decade after the exclusion exercise), Carlos Corea’s offer (first $350 million with Giants then $315 million with the Mets) and Masataka Yoshida ($90 million, a record for a Japanese free agent).

Given this general trend of big contracts, Heyman sees the Japanese two-way phenom (Ohtani) poised to land a deal of at least $500 million next winter. What the Japanese do on the field of play is something no one has ever seen before (with the exception of Babe Ruth).

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Ohtani is a talented baseball player, who can throw like the best and hit the level of the most feared player. He is the classic prototype of the future baseball player. He’ll be a free agent on the outside, and Heyman’s expectations will likely pay off. The chances of signing the 28-year-old for $500 million or more are very reliable.