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The Serrano Museum welcomes students from institutions in the province and the region under its Internship Program

The Serrano Museum welcomes students from institutions in the province and the region under its Internship Program

Parana, June 11 (APFDigital)

– Professor Antonio Serrano, of the Museum of Natural and Anthropological Sciences, of the Ministry of Culture, annually receives students of various professions who carry out their study training, as a result of the agreement with various educational institutions of the province and the region

There are 31 students currently attending the museum affiliated with the College of Management Sciences (Uader), the College of Science and Technology (Uader), the College of Biochemistry and Biological Sciences (UNL), and the Institute of Teachers in Biology at D.C. Viale, Secondary School No. 48, Domingo Faustino Sarmiento. Within this framework, they carry out various activities in different areas of the Museum according to their professional directions, acquiring new experiences and knowledge and consolidating the knowledge gained in their training paths.

“Educational practices constitute one of the many projects that the Museum develops to form links with the community and to promote interoperability with other institutions; in this case accompanying such an important moment in the students’ lives where they gain the first experiences to develop the skills necessary for their professional practice,” expressed Museum Director, Gisela Bahler .

Belonging to the College of Biology in the city of Viale, six second-year students carry out their teaching practices in the field of taxidermy and also in the teaching area of ​​the museum. “First, we participated in a workshop on mummification and then the students started their training,” commented Fabricio Almada, one of the faculty. I also did my training in the museum when I was studying and it opened many doors for me to discover new things and deepen my training. I was a classmate of Gisela Bahler and she was the one who motivated me to approach the museum,” he added.

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“I was always going to the museum and didn’t know that this reserve existed and that all the work done here would be like the back of the museum, which is not shown in the rooms. It is very nice and valuable to be able to know all the this.

From the Certificate of Tourism, of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences of the Autonomous University of Entre Ríos, there are six students carrying out their teaching practice and in this framework, from the Education Department of the Museum, they have been receiving training as facilitators in museums to be able to serve the public, conducting guided tours. A student from the Faculty of Biology, from the Faculty of Biochemistry and Biological Sciences of the Universidad Nacional del Littoral is also involved in this case.

“It is very important to be able to attend the institution because of the experience we have gained, especially how to communicate with the public, as well as in the exchange with the professionals who work here. On the other hand, Kevin, a student of Bachelor of Tourism, commented on the importance of being able to be in an institution for her The same history as the museum and that we rarely know its value,” he said.

From the Faculty of Biology of the College of Science and Technology (UADER), 10 students carry out their internships under the project: Paraná River Care in the Museum: Learning in Communities of Practice, which emerges from pedagogical education. Third year Psychology Chair, with the aim of bringing secondary education students young and old to knowing the consequences of said problem as well as the importance of implementing small actions to start taking care of our river.

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said Tamara Sueva, the teacher in charge of the chair.

Also from Secondary School No. 48, Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, eight students regularly attend the Museum under the Agreement “Educational Experiences in the Workplace” which seeks to enable students to fully exercise citizenship, work and continue studies. (APFDigital)

Publication date: 06/11/2022 19:50