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AMLO compara su modo de vivir con el de Peña Nieto y Calderón; es modesto, dice

The section in the National Palace where I live is “modest” if you compare how Pena Nieto and Calderon were: AMLO

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador This Tuesday, he confirmed that the apartment in which he lives with his family National Palace It is modest compared to the way the presidents live.

At a morning press conference, the head of the Federal Executive stated that when then-President Enrique Peña Nieto dressed up as president-elect, he showed him the apartment because in his campaign he announced that he wanted to live in the National. Castle.

He admitted that it took “a little bit of work” to convince his wife, Beatrice Gutierrez Muller, to move to the historic site.

“I came to live in the palace because Juarez lived and died here and I live in an apartment and I would say modest, for the way they lived before (the other presidents).

“Yes, it is a palace, but I occupied an apartment in which Calderon and Pena used to rest. While I was talking during the election campaign of my desire to live here, when I visited President Peña, who was already president-elect, he said to me ‘Look, I’ll show you’ and he had already shown me the apartment. And I live there. It just took me a little bit of work to impress Beatrice,” he commented.

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