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The Science Festival will include more than 200 free activities

The Science Festival will include more than 200 free activities

In its fifth year in a row, it is the largest festival dedicated to knowledge in the country, nationally and free of charge. In 2023, it will reach more than 60 municipalities with activities specifically designed to highlight science and technology specific to each region.

A giant humpback whale and a tyrannosaurus roam the city, a drone show that can be seen at an altitude of 1,500 metres, visits to mobile planetariums of several municipalities, astronomical observations with portable telescopes, stands for publishing various scientific topics, visual arts workshops, plays, music, poetry, immersive reality and sculptures. And giant dolls. These are some of the more than 200 free activities that will be part of the Science Festival starting on Sunday, October 1, organized by the Ministry of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation (MinCiencia) and in collaboration with several regional allies.

It is the ultimate science and knowledge event at the national level and invites girls, boys, youth and adults of all ages to participate for an entire week in hundreds of activities in more than 60 communities across the country so that they can discover the science that surrounds them and the knowledge they possess.

“In this new edition of the Science Festival, we wanted to highlight and save the knowledge of each region. That is why, for the first time, we are present in all regions of Chile. Most importantly, each region has designed its content, combined its activities and created its own billboard. Arica develops knowledge And different sciences from Molly and different from Aysen, and this is our greatest wealth. This diversity is the reason for celebrating this public and free national festival that we call every year from the Ministry, explained the Minister of Science, Aysen Echeverri.

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For Undersecretary of Science, Carolina Ginza, this year’s festival seeks to ensure that everyone can experience science in all its forms, enjoy the experience, and celebrate knowledge, new knowledge and technological progress. “We want all people, regardless of their age and training, to discover sciences and knowledge that explain to us and help us understand our identity and the world we live in. The sciences and humanities allow us to develop critical thinking, and you do not have to be a researcher to question what surrounds us. We need to Fostering this curiosity that girls and boys naturally possess.Today, science and knowledge are essential to improving people’s quality of life and developing better public policies that allow us to move towards a safer and more inclusive society.

Sofía Valenzuela Aguila, Science of the Central South Central Region, highlighted that “in the context of decentralization, there will be an axis relevant to our government led by President Gabriel Buric, in the Central South Central Region, activities in communities other than the regional capitals. You will be able to enjoy conversations and gastronomy In Marchihu; Geo-Heritage Tour in San Vicente de Tagua Tagua; TruckLab will visit Parral, Cauquenes, Chanco; Activities in Quillón, Curanilahue and Los Angeles, among other municipalities. “We invite families to enjoy these activities that bring science closer to our daily lives.”

It should be noted that the areas of Libertador General Bernardo O’Higgins, Maule, Ñuble and Biobío, gathered in the South-Central Macro region, will have activities from Sunday, October 1 to Sunday, October 8, which can be found on the website minciencia.gob. .cl.

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