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The schism in CIDE, a reflection of the control Conacyt wants across the system: Franco

The schism in CIDE, a reflection of the control Conacyt wants across the system: Franco

The current problems in the leadership of CIDE are a reflection of the control Connacht wishes to have over the entire scientific system. Jose Franco, former coordinator of the Scientific and Technological Advisory Forum, is one organization decimated by that control, says the astrophysicist.

He added that other Conacyt centers have already been hit by this tyranny, also including other programs such as Conacyt Chairs and Scholarships Abroad. “However, despite the lies and threats they use to intimidate, most of the scientific community is opposed to this central and capricious view of Kunsett and does not want to submit to an entirely ideological estimate of what needs to be investigated.”

call centers.

He noted that in the past three years there have been changes in the Conacyt centers, some naturally, but in others there are authoritarian imposing maneuvers such as CIDE.

The two most telling cases are the Center for Scientific Research Yucatan (CICY) and the National Institute of Astrophysics, Optics and Electronics (INAOE), whose “former directors invented alleged complaints that they were threatened and forced to resign”. At the start of the six-year term, it was the role of Beatrice Exoconosteel in CICY, whose disagreements with Conacyt’s director, Elena lvarez-Buylla are well known; Subsequently, the former director of INAOE, Leopoldo Altamirano, suffered the same fate for not fitting in with Concet’s current leadership.

“In these two cases, the resignations and changes in the management of public centers occurred under threats and complaints invented by Consett,” says Franco, who recalls that a similar process can be observed at CIDE in Sergio’s resignation. López Ayllón, who prematurely left the leadership under pressure, to be occupied temporarily by José Romero Telecí.

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Isaac Torres Cruz

Science policy.

Institutional disintegration goes beyond public research centers, warns the former president of the Mexican Academy of Sciences – an institution that suffers from its scourge because of Conassett’s contempt – and was part of scientific policy in this six-year period, as glimpsed by the transitional period and at the beginning of this administration, when an attempt was made to agree A proposal for a science and technology law was promoted by Senator Ana Lilia Rivera, although it was conceived in Consit.

From this act, it was intended to centralize decision-making and eliminate all of the system’s collective bodies, such as the Consultative Forum, the Science and Technology Coordination of the Office of the Presidency, the National Science and Technology Conference, and the Advisory Council. of Sciences, the Cibiogem … “Due to strong opposition, the bill did not advance, and this led to an increasingly direct and powerful attack on FCCyT, which became the first case attacked by lies and threats to discredit and make it disappear. Later, other attacks were created against Various groups and the information has been manipulated, which clearly shows that they want to have full control of the public research centers and the work of the entire STI system.In the same way, the method of control was to dismantle all the collective bodies and force the managers to act in an obedient manner and under the complete control of the public administration of Conacyt”.

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Likewise, people of all types have landed in management positions at Conacyt, he adds, but experienced employees with professional ethics end up leaving the unit. In the case of centers, Conacyt supports subordinate characters with managerial ambitions, as in CIDE.

Concet’s perception, both nationally and internationally, is very negative: “He does not represent or respect his community, but wants him to submit to his whims. He boasts that he has power, authority, and money, and they have treated his administration in a categorical and arbitrary manner.

This central aspiration of the agency not allowing spaces for dissent not only seeks control, but also exercises punitive measures to retaliate, as was the case on 31 indicated by the FGR and Conacyt, confirms the researcher from the Institute of Astronomy at UNAM. “It is sad, but everything indicates that morality and legitimacy do not matter to him and that his only goal is complete control of the current system of science, technology and innovation, control of scholarships and graduate degrees, the system that is being created for the future.”

This “future” will continue for the next few years through the common law of science and technology. “I don’t doubt that many people in the scientific system have brought up their ideas and contributions to the draft – as Kunasset points out – the question is whether they would take it into account or if they just simulated an event previously.”

For practical purposes I’m already CEO: Romero

Although the final decision will be announced on November 29, and despite all the statements of disapproval against him from the community he seeks to lead, the acting director of CIDE, José Romero, has considered that he will remain at the forefront of the party. Institute.

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Isaac Torres Cruz

Friday's demonstration in Kunasset.

During a meeting with members of the CIDE trade union online, he read the question “Can we now consider him a manager?” , he replied:

“Well, in my opinion, yes, unless the President of the Republic approves the appointment, the proposal made by the Director of Conacyt, it will be done in the letter to be delivered in the next few days. But for practical purposes, yes.”