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The role of women in generating knowledge

This ThursdayAugust 12 at 6:00 pm, Recoleta Open University in association with the Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Extension and Communication of the University of Chile, will bring together three National Awards to talk about Participation of women in the production of knowledge Scientific and academic.

Under the slogan “Knowledge as heritage”And With the aim of progressing towards equitable access to learning and reflection on various topics of interest to society, National Awards Series It is an episode of dialogues about the contribution of the scientific and academic world to society, and the importance of Make knowledge available to society, as a public benefit.

Issues such as new development models that allow the scientific and academic world to relate to society, the impact of a greater role for women in this field for future generations, and the opportunities that a new constitution presents to promote and protect participation, will be addressed within the symposium that will be teleported virtually.

You will participate in the initiative Maria Victoria Peralta Espinosa, National Prize for Educational Sciences 2019; Maria Cecilia Hidalgo Tapia, National Natural Sciences Prize 2006; NS Sonia Montesino AguirreNational Prize for Humanities and Social Sciences 2013.

Maria Victoria Peralta, in addition to being an academic at the University of Chile, is the first kindergarten teacher to receive a national award. For her part, Maria Cecilia Hidalgo is a tenured professor at the Faculty of Medicine and the first Doctor of Science at the University of Chile. Sonia Montesino is the co-founder of the Interdisciplinary Center for Gender Studies, and an Academician at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the U de Chile.

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The activity does not require registration and will be transmitted via Facebook and YouTube accounts, the website of the Open University of Recoleta, and the YouTube channel of the Vice President’s Office for Extension and Communications of the University of Chile.