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The resignation of the mayor of Trujillo Alto, Jose Luis Cruz Cruz

The resignation of the mayor of Trujillo Alto, Jose Luis Cruz Cruz

mayor Trujillo heightAnd the Jose Luis Cruz CruzYesterday, Thursday, he resigned from his position after months of public absence, he confirmed to new day The President of the Municipal Legislative Council, Lourdes Zias Alemán.

He announced his resignation, which went into effect at 11:59 pm yesterday, in a letter addressed to the official, in which he did not mention the reasons for this.

Cruz Cruz, who is also the head of the Trujillo Alto People’s Democratic Party, has been out of sight since the end of February after it was revealed that he was under investigation by federal authorities for alleged involvement in a public corruption scheme.

In fact, it is a resignation. I have the message with me. (The letter) is addressed to this servant, the head of the municipal legislature. This morning, I will inform the body secretary, party secretary, and party chief at the central level.”Zias Aleman referred to this method.

In the letter, Cruz Cruz, who has served four terms as mayor of that city, confined himself to expressing “It has been a great honor to serve our town Trujillo Alto for more than 30 years and I appreciate your support throughout the journey.”

“The person who will occupy the chair temporarily is Mr. Edgardo Diaz Torres, special assistant to the former mayor. The mayor’s legislator said the city’s fate will determine the next 30 days in which the person who will occupy it for the rest of the four-year period will officially work.

Look at the mayor’s resignation letter:

This newspaper is called Cruz Cruz, but his phone appears to be offline.

“In recent weeks, something told me that something was not right, because we had no contact with the mayor. Generally he met the parliamentary majority and we did not”Zias Aleman said.

The resignation comes after several weeks during which that city’s municipal legislature attempted to meet with the mayor to demand answers about corruption allegations against him, but the now former mayor has not agreed to the meeting.

Nevertheless, Cruz Cruz had a conversation with the majority of the PDP in said plenary, but on that occasion, this newspaper learned, he did not respond to questions about the federal investigation against him.