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The referees weren't wrong against the Rays, but the MLB should reconsider the rule

The referees weren’t wrong against the Rays, but the MLB should reconsider the rule

In a game that will rethink rule of the game 5.05(a)(8), the Boston Red Sox left the Tampa Bay Rays low, 6-4, thanks to a home run. Christian Vasquez With a round man at the bottom of the 13th inning, they topped the 2-1 AL Division Series.

Vázquez set a match in which the two teams took turns taking advantage and remained tied until the moment of the selection. But at the top of that half was an unusual play that stirred controversy.

With two outs on the board and Yandy Diaz At first for simplicity, Kevin Kiermayer A hit hit the right field fence and bounced back into the defensive player Renfro hunter. The rebound caused the ball to leave the park and prevented Diaz from scoring comfortably. The referees, after consulting the New York Replay Center, decided the hit was a double rule and returned Diaz to the third room.

According to Rule 5.05(a) (8) “Any ball in the fair area that is jumped, deflected by a player towards the stands, or over or under a fence in a fair or foul area, in which case the hitter and all the runners they are shall have the right to reinforce two bases.”

“This rule needs to be rethought. Maybe in the off-season we’ll see a correction. Some rogue players, and look at what’s in MLB, can take advantage of this situation. It just needs a little bit of theatrical acting to get the referees to believe that,” said Damien Delgado Averhoff, ESPN Digital editor and writer, the move to “lose the ball over or under the fence was unintentional.”

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ESPN correspondent Enrique Rojas emphasized on the play that “while some players, and understandably nearly all fans, reacted with confusion, the referees applied baseball rules correctly in such situations.”

“Obviously – Rojas added – it’s not a very popular game and that to make things worse, it took a run in the post-season, but that doesn’t mean the referees haven’t done the right thing, as they have already.”

Journalist and ESPN Producer, Leonte Landino, agreed with Rojas’ appreciation and took advantage of the discussion to reflect on the state of Form Enrique Hernandez And the value of “Fuerza Boricua” in the Boston Red Sox.

“Kike Hernández never stops performing in the most important year of his career. That’s what Cristian Vázquez knows by running at home is the kind of fame that is achieved in this type of game because in the extra rounds the competitors know he can’t beat you or him. Raphael Devers, ne Xander Bogarts, ne Alex Verdugo, ne JD MartinezSo you have to fight with the rest.”

“Vazquez took responsibility and dressed up as the champ, even though manager Alex Cora is betting on him Kevin Blawicki Landino said to start working with beginners. “The plan is working and Boston is one win away from advancing to the AL Championship Series.”