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The reason Azcaraga continues to stick to Santiago Solari

The reason Azcaraga continues to stick to Santiago Solari

Emilio Azcarraga and Santiago Solari

America He is in one of his worst moments in his history, as they only win once in his last 10 matches, he had 6 defeats in those matches and he bears a lot of blame for that. Santiago Solari.

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The coach has not found the performance or the results to be able to continue in the team, although there is still hope that he will make the journey, last semester he was the captain of the competition, and the fact that in this tournament he did not show signs of life.

Given the poor results, Emilio Azcárraga was considering sending him off, but the compensation he would have to give Santiago Solari is expensive, so the owner of America would prefer the Argentine coach to remain in the team until his contract expires.

Santiago Solari settlement

Emilio Azcaraga will have to give Solari $2 million to leave the Azulcrema team, double what he got Michael Herrera When the Coapa team left.

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