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The priceless jewels with which Elizabeth II will be buried

The priceless jewels with which Elizabeth II will be buried

Welsh gold also gave rings to queen motherThe Princess MargaretAnd the Princess Anne sDianaAnd the Princess of Will before it runs out. wedding ring from Duchess of Cambridge It was later created from a Welsh gold coin queen gave to Prince William After the couple’s engagement.

The jewels in the coffin of Elizabeth II

In Westminster Hall, coffin queen It will be covered by royal standards, as it was in Edinburgh. It will be accompanied by the imperial crown, which Isabel II It is used once a year at the opening of the State Parliament. It houses nearly 3,000 precious stones, including rubies, emeralds and sapphires, and 2,700 diamonds.

The crown was made for the queen win over in 1838. The most important historically is the sapphire of Edward the Confessor, taken from Edward’s coronation ring in 1042, and is the oldest stone in the entire royal collection.

state funeral Isabel II at Westminster Abbey the next Monday, after having lain in his oak coffin for four days in nearby Westminster Hall. coffin queen It is actually located in Buckingham Palace.

The crown of the Empire will rest on the coffin of Elizabeth II.

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