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The price of the dollar on April 30

The price of the dollar on April 30

When starting operations the price of the dollar Today is Friday It was up to 20.65 pesos in Banks. Meanwhile, the exchange rate The interbank rate is 20.05 pesos to the dollar, with a loss of 0.06 percent.

Citibanamex Sell ​​the Dollars At 20.65 pesos, while Jigsaw At 20.30 pesos, BBVA Mexico At 20.30 Azteca Bank On 20.09 and Santander At 20.17 units.

The peso has been running choppy and oscillating between gains and losses, although it was indicating a weekly decline, after the publication of domestic economic growth data during the first quarter, which showed a slowdown.

How is the exchange rate going?

Primary bank He explained in a report that the peso starts the session with little change compared to yesterday’s close. On the exchange market, a strong dollar is observed, with The US currency advanced 0.25 percent According to the weighted index, it is the largest daily increase since March 30th. This is mainly due to the following factors:

FirstIn the world, risk perception has risen after the unfavorable growth data was published in Europe. In the first quarter, the Eurozone was affected by a third wave of infections, causing new restrictions, slowing the economic recovery of the region and pushing it into a second technical recession.

“The Euro-zone It showed a quarterly contraction of 0.6 percent, after contracting by 0.7 percent in the fourth quarter of 2021. Annually, the Eurozone is showing a contraction of 1.8 percent. ”

Second, bearish corrections have been observed in the raw materials market, especially among energy prices. The West Texas Intermediate It shows a decrease of 2.03 percent, while Brent It loses 1.66 percent.

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This is important to point out This morning an estimate in time Economic growth in Mexico Corresponding to the first quarter, data that had no noticeable effect on the exchange rate.

During the first quarter, Mexico’s GDP grew by 0.44 percent quarterly according to seasonally adjusted figures, the lowest quarterly growth rate since the second quarter of 2020. This quarterly growth is equivalent to an annual contraction of 2.93 percent, which accumulates six consecutive quarters of It is the longest running record, with the period from the third quarter of 1982 to the fourth quarter of 1983.

Dollar in real time

The euro It is sold at the window for a maximum of 24.79 pesos and bought at 24.34 pesos. For this part, Sterling pound It is offered at 28.25 pesos and bought at 27.96 pesos.

The The Bank of Mexico (BanxicoThe previous session was recorded at an exchange rate of 20.09 pesos Per dollar.

With information from Reuters