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Presidente se reúne con comisión bicameral que estudia ley de extinción de dominio

The president meets the bicameral committee to study the field extinction law

On Monday afternoon, President Luis Abenader led a meeting with members of the bicameral committee in the National Congress examining the Domain Extinction Bill.

The two-hour meeting was held in the Green Hall of the National Palace. It was behind closed doors and lawmakers had to leave their cell phones outside.

This meeting comes days after the head of state informed the Chargé d’Affairs US Embassy, ​​Robert Thomas, That in “coming weeks” the Domain Extinction Act should be approved in the National Congress.

“We are committed to the process of transparency and to be an example of democracy, cooperation with other political parties, in the coming weeks, these basic laws must be approved to continue progress, such as the Scope Extension Act and the draft also to amend the Public Procurement and Contracting Act,” the president said at the Independence reception United State.

Both lawmakers are scheduled to meet during Monday’s National Congress; So far, it is not known what the president discussed with the members of the bicameral commission.

National Senate

For several months, the National Congress has been studying the scope extinction bill in a bicameral committee.

Despite the fact that senators confirmed in May that they were close to finalizing a report, to date they have not produced a unified, consensual article, due to differences between lawmakers from different parties.

The bicameral committee is made up of Senators Pedro Catherine, Antonio Taveras, Ivan Lorenzo, Cristóbal Venerado, Diones Sanchez, Fred Ravol, Franklin Rodriguez and Ivan Silva.

Likewise, there are Representatives Elias Páez, Ana Rodriguez, Francisco Villegas, Hector Darío Vélez, Jose Miguel Ferreira, Luis Manuel Henriquez, Melvin Lara, Miguel Bogart, Melsiades Franjol, Nilsa Churaia Suárez, Pedro Tino and Plutarava Castillo Perez. , Rogelio Ginao, Victor Fadl.

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